Sustainable Fashion: How To Make Your Fashion Statement Last Long?

Ever wondered how your clothes are made? If you are wondering how they are, you might have come across plenty of articles that show you ‘the real story’ of clothing. Some of them have ached your heart, and I have some effortless ideas as your go-to guide for sustainable fashion.

sustainable fashion

Sustainable clothing is the demand of today. We must understand the concept and be conscious of the environment. Sustainable fashion is a vast topic, and I’m here to clear the mysteries of your journey to ethical Fashion or sustainable Fashion.

You are fascinated by clothing and are following the fashion trends. Now I want you to imagine how much of that garment you will use till its last date? And how much are you willing to spend for that exotic, marvellous piece.

There is an amount that you have for the product and the product itself. The decomposition period of that piece might be for some decades though it doesn’t stay in your wardrobe for that long. I will be talking about intelligible and simple things that you might want to try to feed the slightest of your concerns for our environment.

This is where the concept of sustainable fashion comes to play. But what is it?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

It is the trend that isn’t out a set of seasonal colours or designs. It is a trend of change that aims to slow down the pace of harm to the environment and solve it. Since clothing results in environmental pollution, people have started to address this issue and take action.

It addresses the ecosystem and the society rather than that of fashion products and fashion textiles.

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?

Sustainable fashion can fulfil your tiniest concern of acting out for the environment. It is a progressive step that aims to bring a positive change in our environment.

The most crucial point is that it saves natural resources. It isn’t easy to reduce your carbon footprint today, but it is possible with ethical fashion. Many sustainable clothing practices require less water use and create a healthier environment for the workers and labourers.

Sustainable clothing makes you love your clothes once again. It teaches us the significance of outfits and uses them more than once and style it differently.

Stocked up Garments and Its Reducing Value

Using or wearing a specific outfit until its full use and not just a onetime or occasional is essential. Whole effort in that one garment shouldn’t be a one-timer but something you might want to style again and again. 

Similarly, I want you to look around your room and see this great shirt you adore. The very similar shirt is lying piled up in an old low maintenance factory in Bangladesh or Vietnam. Tons of these same shirts were ordered in bulk by the corporate to these low paid workers, and now they are unpaid, and that pile is just in the corner. In some of these low-maintenance factories, there have been many incidents that have caused fatal injuries to the worker with the collapse of these infrastructures. (Intrigued by the incident, Watch this.)

Would you love seeing the sight of your favorite shirt getting all dusted up and ruin? NO

Would you adjust in knowing that the outfits you wear are made by workers that aren’t paid as per their work and do not have any insurance facility from the big brands? The answer is again, NO.

Since we have the NO’s over here, we can conclude that we need to be critical, aware, socially and environmentally conscious about clothing.

How to buy Sustainably?

Sustainable clothing is not a struggle. There are plenty of sustainable fashion brands that provide you with a variety of options. Nowadays, many brands offer you clothing line made from recycled plastic, recycled fibres or simply made from organic fibres.

Beware of fast Fashion because they are not a long term investment and are designed to serve the purpose of changing trends. The quality is not well-maintained, and many plastic components are used in it. They aren’t made to last long but serve the primary goal of keeping up with the trends. It is vital to learn how to avoid fast fashion.

Fast fashion rarely fulfils the needs of environmentally conscious consumers. It is very different from the purpose that sustainable fashion serves to. Rather than increasing the waste being tossed up in nature, sustainable fashion brands aim to utilize the resources. There is a long way in the fast fashion industry to answer, “Can fast fashion ever be sustainable?”

How to avoid fast fashion?

Avoiding fashion and being considerate about ethical manner and environment aren’t two opposite goals. There are plenty of ways in which you can achieve both the goals mentioned above. The ultimate purpose of avoiding fast fashion brands and considering sustainable fashion brands is to reduce negative footprint and to use little natural resources. Want to know how? Here are 5 simple ways that can be your go-to guide to sustainable fashion.

Increase the lifespan of your clothes

 The increasing lifespan of your clothes is also effortless with some key things to keep in mind. It can be done using low temperatures and less water force to preserve the fabric’s shine and texture so that you don’t age out of it.

Check the fabric

Our mothers usually check the fabric of the garment most of the time we go shopping. And that is very important for health reason, weather and also for the environment.

Beware and aware of the fabrics you buy

 Be aware of the fabrics you buy, many fabrics in the market are made from grown fiber crops or recycled materials. It might be a little expensive than the ones you usually buy, but the exposure to those clothing businesses might change the whole story then.

Thrift stores

Select for thrift stores to buy some outfits. They also provide some excellent options at reasonable prices with cleanliness and hygiene as their top goals.

Rent your outfits

Renting out your outfits can be a great way to help in this change indirectly. You can get rented clothes for some time at a very reasonable price with hygiene and sanitation well-maintained.

There so much that’s not out there in thrift stores to match your taste, but with your overflowing wardrobe, you can still donate the garments you think aren’t necessary for you anymore. Donating it to some organization or upcycling or recycling stores will sustainably help a lot too.

 These solutions aren’t complicated and do not consume so much of your time. With the fast fashion bringing up trends, we can set up a movement for sustainable fashion.

Final Words…

These solutions aren’t complicated and do not consume so much of your time. With the fast fashion bringing up trends, we can set up a movement for sustainable fashion. A sustainable fashion can make the dream of a sustainable future a reality. Fashion can be fun and sustainable with organic materials, biodegradable dyes and a conscious mindset to make a change. Take of your wardrobe and prolong its life by washing it with care, mending and tailoring as needed. You can prioritize the environmental and social concerns and slowly place the blocks of change to your life. We can adopt a fashion that is designed, manufactured, distributed and utilized in an environment-friendly way. Let’s be Fashionable and Considerable!

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