8 Local Brands of Nepal That You Should Try

Local brands and businesses are much more prevalent in the market, and their market share has also increased over time. In addition, many local brands have made their way to local markets via different interactive media platforms. As a result, people are more aware of domestic producers and the importance of investing their money in their homegrown brands.

Supporting local business is sustainable in reducing the transportation (which reduces our carbon footprint) and creates employment for people, advancement of skills of the human resources, and is really good for our economy.

In Nepal, local businesses have been a major part of every citizen’s livelihood, but global brands have a strong presence and affluence. However, many people feel that these local brands are costly compared to other alternatives, do not have good quality. Therefore, many local brands have been coming out now and then in the Nepalese market with qualitative and reliable goods.

There have been many changes in the homegrown brands here in Nepal. In the past, not many local producers had their quality maintained, which has made the perception that they aren’t good enough. However, the quality of the local products has also been maintained once the traders started labelling.

The price of the goods plays a vital role for consumers. If the price is high, the consumers will look for alternatives from other brands. In the garment sector of Nepal, the cost of production is relatively higher than that of international brands by about 15-20%. This increases the price competitiveness amongst the product in the market.

For quite some time, I have also been exploring the local markets here in Kathmandu, and there are so many good quality local brands worth trying. So many of these brands generate employment for many artists in different villages of the country, build their skills, and help in their livelihood. Living here, I myself haven’t explored the local brands so much as I had exposure to other brands. The uniqueness and the blend of different cultures bring out rich, authentic products rooted in the culture of Nepal.

To help with your search on local brands based in Nepal, here are the eight brands that I have tried and explored.

Local Brands of Nepal

These brands bring me back to home, where I’ve grown up too. I will be sharing some of the brands that I have tried and loved the products’ quality. I will also be sharing some of the brands that I would love to try soon and are thoroughly recommended by my friends and family.


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Image Courtesy Woven

Woven is a handmade local brand based in Pokhara, Nepal, that empowers women of a disadvantaged rural community who make artisanal handicraft products from local communities. It not only offers them free skill training but provides women with employment opportunities in crafting quality ensured artistic pieces like scarves, bags and homeware products. The details of its product are the brand’s highlight, with its quality being the top priority.

More About Woven


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Image Courtesy Dhukuti

Dhukuti is a part of ACP (Association for Craft Producers), a not-for-profit organisation that provides socio-economic empowerment to low-income craft producers, especially women, by creating job opportunities and utilising their traditional handicraft skills.

This local brand has expanded its work portfolio. It currently works on more than 20 skill categories such as felting, dyeing, knitting, embroidery, screen printing, and papercraft, including the previous three and a wide range of product lines.

More About Dhukuti.


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Image Courtesy Tattvapure

Tattvapure combines eco-friendly products for skincare, haircare from brands all around us that you can try out. For example, their bamboo toothbrush is worth the try with soft bristles that do not have plastic components in them. It is a must-try.

More About Tattvapure

Naturo Earth

Image Courtesy Naturo Earth

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Image Courtesy Naturo Earth

Naturo Earth is a wellness brand in Nepal that focuses on using raw materials in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. It aims to utilise natural resources to make products related to health, beauty, and lifestyle, including varieties of natural and organic handmade soap bars, moisturisers, honey, tea, hemp-based products, oils, and a lot more.

More About Naturo Earth


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Image Courtesy Mheecha

Mheecha is a Nepali brand inspired by the traditional Mheecha for its minimal, classy design and strength and durability. The brand is determined to maintain world-class standards in every product we manufacture and sell, locally or globally.

More About Mheecha

Juju Wears and Karuna Wears

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Image Courtesy Juju Wears

Juju Wears and Karuna Wears both are brands of Shraman Apparels.

 JuJu Wears is focused on manufacturing quality t-shirts with an extensive selection of creative prints inspired by Nepal’s rich culture and traditions. They have the vision to promote local artists who are often underrated and under-appreciated.

Karuna Natural Wears is a Nepali clothing and accessories brand dedicated to producing high-quality clothes using natural fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, linen, nettle and organic cotton.  

Karuna Natural Wears has created a sustainable business space where the brand consistently conserves the environment and follows ethical business practices with skin-friendly comfortable clothing made of natural fibres.

More About Juju Wears and Karuna Wears

Cotton Mill

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Image Courtesy Cotton Mill

Cotton Mill is a local brand of Nepal that blends in love for nature and sustainability concerns together. They have a range of bed sheets, covers, cushions, to mats that are handmade and bloom out Nepal’s unique aesthetic sensibilities and spoke of the warmth and traditions of the country.

More About Cotton Mill


Image Courtesy Sparsha

Sparsha is a Nepali brand that has a clothing line. Their reusable cotton masks are a designer and comfortable, perfect for any occasion. They also have a range of apparel for everyone.

More About Sparsha

Local brands have been in the market for a long time. So instead of shopping from the hyped-up international brands, support your local homegrown brands. To know more about how you can support local businesses. Click here.

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