How to Make the Best of Alternatives to Plastics in 8 Simple Ways?

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How to Make the Best of Alternatives to Plastics in 8 Simple Ways?

Alternatives to Plastic can be your friend in saving the environment, which is a huge action that requires continuous efforts.

We are ingesting a whole credit card worth of plastic every week! This is about 5 grams of microplastic going into your body.

The very plastic we consume is produced with 90% of fossil fuel resources. The extraction process is a huge, heavy and hefty task that risks the lives of the people extracting it, selling it, and consuming it because of the harmful effects of plastic.

Hundreds of these microplastics make their way to us via many channels. We might ingest them while eating our meals, breath them in through the air, or consume food with trace amounts of its plastic packaging. These microplastics then result to be very harmful to us and the environment. (Learn more about Microplastics to your Health here.)

Why are we even bothered for what goes inside us? WE definitely are. And we want to be aware of it. Plastic is cheap, durable, versatile and long-lasting, making a lot of sense when we think of our dependency on them. Plastics have been gradually a part of our lives in the past couple of decades. It has also shown its harmful sides to our environment and our lives. 

Why do we need to know the Alternatives to Plastic?

The toxic chemicals mixed in microplastics with different exposure that we ingest are very injurious to our health. Today most of us are opting for plastic-free lifestyles. We are avoiding plastics in most of our daily work because we now feel the consequence.

Our existence, our future and the future of the upcoming generations are highly affected by our decisions. Each and every step counts. Plastic-free future is a comprehensive and vast plan which requires all of our joint efforts. 

How do we Break the Plastic Habit?

We need to break the plastic habit in the first place. Many of you might be thinking, “How do I break the plastic habit if the plastic is everywhere near me?” And this is the point where you could keep scrolling down to know about alternatives to plastic in your house. To make a difference, you can take baby steps by replacing plastics in your own home.

Today if you look around and run short of plastics, you can look into alternatives of plastic. Information and awareness have brought plenty of options for alternatives to plastic packaging, plastic food packaging and ideas to recycle, reuse and upcycle plastics.

Eco-friendly choices are a step front to avoid using plastics and a step back to when some of the below mentioned ways were used a lot before plastics became a “trend”.

Shifting to Carry Bags for Grocery Shopping made from Natural Fibres

Let’s start our journey to trying out alternatives to plastic with grocery shopping.

Most common thing and is done in each and every household. And we can all do this without spending an extra penny.

Buy Vegetables in Loose

plastic free future

It cannot be stressed upon a lot. When we buy vegetables so much of plastic comes into our house. Vegetables are packed in plastic covers that honestly are of no use in latter days. It is highly recommendable to buy vegetable in loose from stores. You can try out farmer’s market or other local vegetable or grocery stores where they do so. Avoiding pre-packed vegetables in plastic can be a tiny step yet have an enormous impact on our lifestyle and environment. 

Most of the carry bags made from natural fibres for grocery are also made from recycled fabrics. This makes it so exciting and artistic. Many entrepreneurs and organizations have been trying to recycle all the discarded materials into something value with expressive and aesthetic designs. 91% of plastic isn’t recycled, but we can reuse it and contribute to such sustainability credential entrepreneurs.

Carry your goods in Nature

alternatives to plastic

When we go for grocery shopping, let’s start with avoiding vegetables in plastic packaging and shop on with carry bags made from natural fibres that are easily degradable. 

These carry bags can be custom made with your own style added to it. You can define your own style and uniqueness to it. Now, think about it an artisan carry bag that is so much you and can save the environment a little more, wouldn’t you try that?

Storing Vegetables Can be fun with Eco-friendly Plastics

Storing our vegetables can be a task when we don’t want the option of plastic. Not anymore! There are plenty of storage bags of eco-friendly plastics made from cotton, starch-based blends, washable mesh produced bags and recycled breathable fabrics. 

Being skeptical about organizing my wardrobe to the veggies in the fridge, I want my activities to mean something to me too. And if I know that this small action can make an impact on the environment, I will think it twice and do better than tomorrow. Switching to eco-friendly plastic is not expensive to your wallet nor the environment.

Living without Plastic

Save Your Food and your environment With Reusable Covers or Lids

If flies are attacking your tasty sandwiches or yummy meals, we got a way out of it too. Reusable, washable covering lids or food wraps made from beeswax, silicone or muslin cloths can be a life saviour.

Alternatives to plastic food packaging

Plastic-Free Future starts with Your Cutlery items

Straws are almost everywhere around us, mostly plastic straws. There are already 8.3 billion plastic straws lying in the shores worldwide and being combined with food for marine animals. Since we are trying break the plastic habit, we can opt for metal straws, edible straws or plant-based straws that quickly decompose. 

Alternatives to plastic packaging

Talking about straws, a number of biodegradable cutlery products are also available. We can find them in edible forms made from different types of grains. There are spoons, forks and even chopsticks that do not change the taste of the food too. 

Avoiding plastic

Brushing away the Harmful effect of Plastic

It is one of the most essential item of our lives. Toothbrush are used by all of us. Considering the best has been the motto of our lives. So why not shift to bamboo brushes or other decomposable brushes from plastic based brushes. Reduce microplastic that comes in form of plastic toothbrushes from your life. There are many brands that offer quality certified biodegradable brushes.

Upcycling plastic

Avoiding Plastics in Clothing

Outfits are something we all adore. Different types of fibres, patterns, prints are available in the market. Shops or showrooms give us a variety of pieces to choose from. With plenty of varieties for such comes several pieces that are made from microfibers.

Now, why am I bringing microfibers out of all the fibres from the basket?

Microfiber is basically synthetic fibre made from polyester and polyamide. It is in short ‘a kind of plastic’. With numerous reason, fabrics made from this fibre has several good qualities, but the harmful effects of plastic on the environment outweigh them.

We know that we are ingesting microplastic. According to research, it has been found that the most common types of microplastics found in our body from the research are majorly from microfibres was the most common type. So let’s avoid outfits made from microfibers. They are made from plastic. Although its cheap, versatile and dynamic it harms us in the long term.

Stop plastic pollution

Since plastics have been a part of our wardrobe, we cannot just discard them to the waste. We can be careful with wearing the outfits till its last date. Besides this, we can also opt for thrift stores or donate them to organizations. Washing our clothes can play a huge factor in it too. Proper washing can also help the fabrics and the environment in several ways.

We leave a trait of microfibres into nature the minute we wear them, resulting in adverse effects. There are so many natural fibres that can leave you stunned for the benefits they provide and the beauty the clothing piece gives us. Some examples of natural fibres you can explore as alternatives to plastic clothing are cotton, flax, hemp, jute, wool and many more.

Papers without Plastic

Break the plastic habit

Are you a fan of jotting down your ideas, tasks or sketching? There are plenty of recycled good quality papers that you can opt for rather plastic-coated sheets that do not decompose quickly. You can also opt for papers made from natural resources but be aware that it doesn’t promote or encourage deforestation because we DO NOT want that. 

Art and craft can be fun without harming the environment with the best choice of alternatives to plastic that serve your interests.

Shower with Care

harmful effect of plastic

Handmade products provide a different type of homely feeling to us. Many ethical and organic brands have been promoting plastic-free haircare and skincare products. Filled up with natural ingredients blended up perfectly with a wide range of products for different skin and hair types, they aim to nourish nature rather than destroying it. These can be your life saviour alternatives to plastic ingredients that come along these products.

It’s Your Next Step That Matters

A small step starts from your home. I mentioned several ways that I found promising in reducing plastic pollution and improving some part of our environment. We all can break the plastic habit and switch to alternatives to plastic in several different uses. You can get wide ranges of choices instead of plastics, which might not be that expensive and come around the same weight as plastic would cost you. Most importantly, plastic may be cheap, flexible, long-lasting and dynamic it costs your life and the lives coming after you a lot. We can make a positive change and nourish the world that shelters us with infinite facilities.

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